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On the Road

If you’ve read my “6 Months to Change My Life” post you’ll know that one of my goals is to learn to drive, and be confident enough to drive with Pod in the car.

My test is mere weeks away, and my anxiety is starting to kick in. My instructor knows how I can be when I’m feeling tense, and he said something interesting to me in my lesson this week.

“You know, you’ve always known how to do this. You just need to be reminded that you can this. When you sit your test, you just need to go out there and drive the way you know you can. You think like a driver – and you’ll act like one too.”

Isn’t that just like mummying?

We probably have those skills somewhere within us just because our bodies and brains are hard-wired that way, and yet we are the only creatures on earth who go to antenatal classes to learn it. We need the reassurance of experienced people, and we almost inevitably find our “tribe” while we are at it.

It’s not the only parallel. The process of learning is terrifying – daunting in fact – and rightly so. Nothing will ever be the same again. You need to be very responsible and aware. It will change your life. But the things it adds to your life far outweigh any potential worries.

You have a million and one routes you can follow, but ultimately, all of them lead to the same destination. What one set of directions says might not be scenic and memorable enough for you. Other times you just need to get to wherever you’re going by the most direct route possible because you’re exhausted and need to arrive.

You’re surrounded by other people who seemingly also know what they’re doing but have just the same capacity to cock it up just as much as you.

You might not feel like you can do it, or believe you can do it, but once you’re in the driver’s seat you’re bloody well doing it or else nobody is getting anywhere.

You can choose how many passengers to take along with you on the journey. Sometimes you want a carload. Other times you want to escape.

All I know is, I’m grateful there wasn’t a test for parenting.

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