Emotional · Relationships · Singledom


I have been single for 17 months.
In that time I have dated someone who just disappeared, a married bloke who didn’t tell me, a really dodgy drug dealer type who I suspect was doing deals on our date, a violent bloke, a man who declared love after our first coffee, and someone who refused to speak to me again unless I told him anything dirty I had done in bed.
In the past five days, two married men have lied about being married, asked for my number, and then been surprised when I’ve told them to f*ck off back to their wives.

I had a really lovely couple of months with a guy who chucked me because I had massive trust issues. I wonder why?

Why do we end up broken and accused of being absolute psychos when the behaviour of men has taught us never to trust anyone?

But sometimes, I wake up on my own again and wonder if it might be nice. At the end of the day, though, I realise that I can’t put myself through this crap any more.
I am done.

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