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6 Months to Change My Life

If you know me, you’ll know that I am obsessed with all things paper. I’m a crafter, with my own business, and I make all sorts of things…personalised frames, gifts, prints, wedding stationery – you name it, I’ll make it. I’m also addicted to stationery: planners, notebooks, journals, filofaxes and all the gumf that goes along with them, from washi tape to post-it notes.

I’m part of a huge group of like-minded ladies on Facebook called UK Planner Addicts. Recently, our admin and all-round doyenne of gold-coloured stationery, Steph, started a little breakaway group called “6 Months to Change My Life”. We are all list-makers, planners and journallers. We like to work towards a goal, and do so pretty successfully in our work, homes and organisational life. However, lots of us seem to have problems or troubles with making time for ourselves, or bettering our own lives, and Steph decided that what we should do was set ourselves some goals and targets that we could make tiny, tangible steps towards achieving each month, week and day.

I’m not usually one for self-improvement and NLP and what I deem to be “mumbo-jumbo”, but this seemed different: it looked achievable, fitted with my mindset, and importantly felt like good timing. I have been drowning and losing myself in a sea of single-parenting, running my business and doing my day-to-day job, and keeping my home in order.

And so, on Day 1 of our scheme (March 14th) I sat down and tried to envisage where I would be, what I’d be doing, and how my life – and I – would look in 6 months time: 14th September 2016. I used inserts made by one of our group members to organise my long term goals, the monthly smaller chunks I’d work on, the weekly goals and then the tiny daily steps.

Here are my goals. They are in the present tense because they are how I want to see myself on 14th September!

In 6 months time I will…

Be a confident driver

I took driving lessons, passed my theory test and passed my practical test.

I get out on the road in my car as often as possible, and won’t let anxiety keep me out of the driver’s seat.

I feel happy to take Pod in the car with me, without panicking.

Have a Disneyland Paris fund under way

I do not spend money on needless nights out or silly things.

I have researched and am sticking to small savings schemes.

I use what I have rather than buying new, and my house is organised enough to know what I have.

Take pleasure in the relationships I have, rather than be defined by the one that I lost

(This is such a biggie for me and took me ages to pin down…)

I contact my friends regularly by more means than social media.

I go to have real face-to-face contact with people I value.

I take Pod out to spend time with others.

Make time for my own wellbeing

I make an effort with my hair and makeup, because I always feel better when I do.

I read books. I have long baths just for the hell of them. I sometimes sit still and draw, or design, or create, for purposes other than customer orders.

I know that I can say no sometimes.

Have a home which contributes to our wellbeing. We work on it so that it works for us

Everything in my home has a place, and is put there.

The rooms work for Pod and I: my bedroom is a retreat; Pod’s room is a world of adventures; our bathroom is functional but relaxing; our garden is somewhere to make memories all summer.

I follow little routines each day to stay on top of the bigger picture.

Be happier in my health and weight

I am mindful of what I eat and drink.

I make healthy foods for Pod and I.

I incorporate exercise into my week.

I am a comfortable size 14.


One thought on “6 Months to Change My Life

  1. This is a great idea. I think I take on too much at once when I feel like a change and never stick with it, so I’d like to break it up 🙂 New to my planner, but might try and join the group for some inspiration. Tina x


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