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One Boy’s Guide to…Surviving Extreme Weather

Recently we have had a series of storms which the Met office have decided to name. We’ve been battered by Abigail, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, Eva, Frank, Gertrude, Henry, and most recently, Imogen.

Bear in mind that the only experiences Pod has really had of storms are episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. He is justly scared: Thomas and his pals have what Glaswegians call “nae joy” when it comes to this weather phenomenon. Engines have been mistaken for monsters and ghosts, and have even come loose of their chains and fallen into the sea during storms. When he asked during Gertrude what the noise was, and I told him, “It’s just a storm,” he rightly panicked.

And so begins Pod’s guide to surviving extreme weather:

Phone all of your nearest and dearest to warn them

The first thing he wanted to do was call his nana and papa. I did the usual, and put the phone on speaker while it rang. They picked up, and Pod just about caused them to jump out of their skin:

“LOOK OUT, Papa! There’s a storm comin’ this way!” he yelled, as he frantically pointed at the windows. Once Papa had clarified what he was saying, he tried to reassure him. “Let me talk to my nana,” he requested. She came to the phone, and Pod chimed out once again, “LOOK OUT, Nana! There’s a storm comin’ this way!”

I killed myself laughing while he pointed more and more enthusiastically at the windows.

Then it was Grandpa’s turn. Granny was out, so of course, we had to ring back later. “LOOK OUT, Granny! There’s a sto…”

You get the jist.

Stock up on blankets

I went to the loo not long afterwards and came back to complete toddler carnage. The big double bed sized quilt was out. The little single bed sized blanket was out. The old pram blanket had been retrieved from some far-off corner of his bedroom.

“What are you doing, Pod?”



Get comfortable

“The blanket wants me, mummy.” Does it? I hadn’t realised. I’m not terribly fluent in Blanket. “Yes it does. Put it on my legs.”

I wrapped him up and we cuddled in close.

“Put Thomas on the television. One wif the storm and Victor falling into the sea.”

An hour later we were still there, wrapped up, watching a storm on television while the storm raged on outside. He went off to bed, and as he fell asleep, he murmured, “Look out, mummy. There’s a storm comin’ this way.”



Has your little one ever been scared in a storm? Ever had a funny reaction to some more extreme weather? Please do comment below or tweet me @onesinglemama84 x

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2 thoughts on “One Boy’s Guide to…Surviving Extreme Weather

  1. That is so cute! I know the exact Thomas episode you’re talking about, my son was watching that one this morning.
    I can’t think of a single proper storm since my little guy was old enough to realise what was going on… I wonder if all the Thomas will cause him to freak out too.


  2. He loves watching things like that played out on television, and loves to use imaginary play to act them out with his train sets afterwards, but the real things scare him! Poor little creature. Still, he’s funny along with it so I don’t mind 😊


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