One Boy's Guide to Life

One Boy’s Guide to Life

My little one is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. I’m not just saying that: he genuinely makes me crack up laughing quite frequently, and has been known to make everyone else do the same. Our little world consists of “Me and Mummy’s House”, “Nursery”, “Soffplay”, “Nana and Papa’s”, and that whole other realm of “Daddy’s”. He has met many of my friends, and he has wonderful godparents who love him to pieces.

Recently, he’s been getting more and more funny in the things that he’s saying. I’ve also been aware that my blog has been pretty heavy of late, so I’ve decided to start a new series each week: this boy’s guide to life. He’s got views and opinions to voice on everything from body confidence to being the perfect host, and I intend to share one of his delights each week with you.

Believe me: sometimes the funniest part of his little comments are the simplicity and truth of them. We could probably do well to learn from them, if I’m honest.

While I was pregnant, my ex and I nicknamed my little one Pod (early on – when it was the size of a pea pod according to my pregnancy app) and I’ll be calling him that throughout.

First instalment will be posted tomorrow. Enjoy.

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