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Fat to Fit

Falling pregnant is one of the most incredible and terrifying things that can happen to a woman. As well as your glass of wine and any other vices you might have, one of the main things you lose in the process is what semblance of a shape you may have once had.

I was never a skinny thing, but since having the little one my self-esteem has flatlined and my self-awareness of my tummy region in particular is sky high.

Now, yes, there are other bigger things to think about here. I have an incredible child and the chance to be a mum and people will tell me the riddled maze of stretch marks and odd textures criss-crossing my front are “tiger stripes” or “marks of love”, but I’m single. And I’m 30. And at some point I’d like a bloke to look at me naked right before he ravishes the life out of me and go “Phwoar.” Ideally, I just want to feel really good about my body so that when I go out it’s my confidence that shines through. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman, right?

I’m on a mission. I’ve been a member of my local gym for two years and been once, but instead of cancelling the membership I’m going to use it. When the little guy is at his dad’s or at nursery I’m making a point of doing exercise.

I’ll let you know how I get on…


One thought on “Fat to Fit

  1. I wouldn’t worry. Once they get to the stage of clothes off you might as well be blue and stripey for all they care. I have it on good authority! x

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